Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, mother.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my mother is a smart person, but like any of us, she makes some pretty dumb mistakes.

Last night at dinner, she mentioned she was tired and how inconvenient that was for her to be at that moment since we had quite a bit more decorating to do.
I started telling her about 5-Hour Energy Shots and how I know many people who swear by them. After saying the name a few times during my sales pitch, she pipes up with, "How long do they last?"

I know, Patrick Stewart. I know.
So, after laughing for the rest of the meal, I had her stop and get one at a gas station before we headed back to do some more decorating. She bought one of the extra strength ones and instead of throwing it back like an actual shot, the moron took three goes to get it down. Each facial expression of disgust was exponentially greater than the last.  It was hilarious.

After about twenty minutes, she started to get hyper. She was walking like one of those weird speed walkers and talking a mile a minute. She got silly, too. Things that weren't funny became hysterical to her. Mom was acting like I do when I'm on a manic wave; it was nuts! I don't know how many times I saw her walk in a circle or whip her head back and forth looking at two different things.

I can't wait until she buys another one. Has anyone got a camcorder I can borrow?

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