Who the hell are you?

Well, just so you know, my name is RoxAnne and I’m a 23 year old trying to make some sense out of being stuck in the Town that Time Forgot. Maybe this thing will help. If not, there’s always liquor.
I write, I draw, I do graphic design. I’m a computer nerd with a mean CSS. I knit, and I tend to obsess over things like TV shows, books, and movies.
I also get distracted by shiny new th….is that a new phone?!
Some of my other interests include: genealogy, vodka infusions, walking down Garrison Avenue trying to hold up a drunkard for eleven blocks to get back to the car, and trying to perfect the dried cherry and pistachio cookie.
I enjoy the unnatural, supernatural, and the HOLY HELL THAT CAN’T BE NATURAL! Creepy things creep me out and I like it.